Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the city-hipster

Here it is my new city-hipster. Like you all know I live in the city with lots and lots of people with lots and lots of people who are out to get your goods. Well, let's just say friends of mine have been ripped off when I was with them so I count this as the whole world, exaggeration is not very good, is it? Well, anyway with all of this crime going on I tend to try to keep my valuables close at hand. This has been a real pain since having kids because with all the runny noses, mom, can you get me this, mom, can you get me that I've had to wear a backpack to keep both hands free. I'm sick of my back pack!
I have made so many bags lately that I absolutely love but I'm just not willing to put my money in them, so I've designed my city-hipster. Now I have my hands free, no backpack strap cutting through my boobs and making me look like an idiot. Well, maybe I still look like an idiot but now a different kind of idiot.
This is just a modified butt pack that is just big enough to hold my money, cell phone, keys and most importantly lipstick. I have this in front of me at all times and have both hands free to play slave to my kids. I can turn it around in large crowds so the zipper is against my jeans and no little wandering hands can get in. I love the fabric and it can be slid off the belt to be washed or changed depending on my mood. I wanted to test drive this baby before I make more in other styles but I think I'm going to like my new little city-hipster.


Anonymous Rachel said...

That's much cuter than a butt-pack! It's a great idea to have something like that in the city. Did you make up the pattern yourself? I haven't sewn much in a while, but your posts are inspiring me to fire up the machine! (The gingham shirt is adorable too) Where do you buy your fabric? Are there chain craft stores here in Germany like there are in the States? I have't found anything yet, but I haven't looked very hard.

6/21/2005 08:00:00 AM  

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